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Studies show that just taking music lessons for even just a year or two can have a huge impact on a young person's life forever. Especially in a time of so much uncertainty and change, music lessons can lift spirits and give inspiration at a time when they truly need genuine hope, fun, excitement and achievement.

Students gain confidence through learning new skills, developing a new outlet and learning new ways to express themselves. Weekly lessons help to maintain stability and normalcy, whilst developing time management. Research shows that adults who took music lessons as children have faster response times and increased emotional awareness. The hard work, discipline, and attention to detail that goes into learning a musical instrument are hugely beneficial traits in all aspects of life.

If that wasn't enough, studies have shown that taking music lessons can actually make you smarter. Playing an instrument stimulates multiple areas of the brain, increases a child’s ability to focus, and improves coordination. Studies have also shown that children who participate in music lessons benefit socially, do better in school and score better on intelligence tests.


Gift someone special a voucher to redeem anytime within 12 months for singing, piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, songwriting, theory or music production lessons!


When you sponsor a lesson, you give a young person who wouldn't otherwise have access to music lessons the chance to learn something new, gain an outlet and means of expressing themselves. All sponsored lessons are anonymous and sponsors do not have contact or interaction with the young people they have sponsored.

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