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Band Practice B&W


Love music? Want to play ALL the instruments?
Want to jam? Get creative? Get inspired? Join a band?
Build Confidence? Meet like-minded musicians? 

Our weekly Saturday workshops are aimed at giving our students a broad musical education. Sessions cover the basics of guitar, bass, keys, drums, singing and music production, with emphasis on creativity, songwriting, jamming and playing together as a band.

Our goal is to build our students up to be confident musicians, performers and songwriters with the ability to understand lots of different instruments, communicate with, and be able to work with other musicians. These skills are not only useful in our studio but translate into almost every other aspect of life!

Each session contains instrumental tuition & instruction, building strong foundations whilst applying new skills to practical playing, songwriting and jamming. 


Create a safe space in which students can experiment and be creative freely and without judgement.

Learn the basics of guitar, keys/piano, bass, drums, singing, songwriting & music production.

Build confidence and try new things!

Nurture rhythm, listening skills and overall musicality.

Develop & build upon focus, resilience, communication & teamwork skills.

Challenge our ideas musical concepts, learn across a wide range of styles and genres

Ensure everyone has a really positive, uplifting experience making music and of course, HAVE FUN!


Group & Private lessons available all day.

As with all of our lessons, we'll book you in for the same slot every week.

Group Sessions: Under 12's - max 5 per group - $20/45 minute session

Group Sessions: Over 12's & Adults - max 7 per group - $25/60 minute session

Feel free to make up a group with some friends, or we'll put you into a group with others your age!

*If you know this is for you but money's tight, get in touch as we may be able to offer discount to those with community services cards.

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