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WE ARE LOUD Guidelines for Traffic Light System (as of November 2021)


At all times:

  • Please be considerate of the comfort levels of those around you, as we all have different experiences and considerations. 

  • Please be patient with your teacher as they might need a little extra time to ensure their teaching space is sanitised and ready for you. 

  • We have a number of immuno-compromised students and teachers. Returning to in-person lessons is an especially anxious time for them, so please respect the guidelines you are asked to follow. Any illness, regardless of covid, can have a serious impact on our immuno-compromised whānau, so please be considerate of this when coming to lessons. 

  • We’re more than happy to clarify or answer any questions you have regarding these guidelines - please contact Jo on 027 470 7042 or email

  • Thankyou for your hard work and cooperation, it means we can get back to doing what we’re here for! 


  • Vaccination passports will be required for in-person lessons for everyone over the age of 12. Parents/guardians who are unvaccinated are kindly asked to wait outside during lessons.

  • Online lessons will continue to be available to all students.

  • All students may change to online lessons at any time, with 5 minutes notice prior to their lesson start time. 

  • All teachers and team members must be fully vaccinated.


  • All teachers, students and visitors must sign in on arrival - there are QR codes in every room and a written record book by the entrance.

  • All teachers, students and visitors must sanitise their hands on arrival and when required during time in the studio.

  • Masks are encouraged indoors.

  • Surfaces, chairs and instruments will be sanitised between students.

  • Group lessons will take place in the largest possible room with reasonable distancing between students.

  • Students should use their own guitar picks, capos, drum sticks and instruments when possible. These are available to purchase in the studio if needed. 

  • Students, parents and visitors must not enter the studio if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness, and will be immediately sent home in this instance.​



All measures of Green, and: 

  • Masks should be worn by teachers and students at all reasonable times.

  • Group singing classes will be limited to 5 students per class and take place in the main room, with at least 1m distancing between students.

  • Social distancing of 1m at all times.

  • Students should bring their own cups and water bottles. 

  • Parents should wait outside unless joining or observing lessons. 

  • Rooms will be kept well ventilated, windows open and fans running when possible.

  • All students must use their own guitar picks, drum sticks etc for lessons. 



All measures of Green and Orange, and:

  • Singing lessons may only happen either outside, wearing masks or online.

  • Instrumental lessons may continue in-person inside.

  • Masks must be worn by all students and teachers.

  • Social distancing of 1m at all times.

  • Parents must wait outside during lessons (but will be invited into the studio for first lessons, or to support students who are very young or have specific health or learning requirements - we will discuss this with you on an individual basis).

  • Outdoor lessons may be available for guitar, bass and singing. Please let us know if you’d be interested in this. 

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