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We believe everyone is musical.

We believe every voice deserves to be heard.

We believe creativity is key.

We believe in being constructive, not critical, and building students up.

We believe in creating a safe, inclusive space for self-expression.

We believe everyone is capable of achieving something amazing.

We believe everyone deserves dignity and respect without discrimination.

We believe in encouraging, guiding and developing the musical potential and creativity of every student.

We believe in making music lessons accessible to everyone. 
We believe our teachers have the right to work in a safe, supportive environment where their contribution is valued highly.



  • All visitors to the studio must sign-in and sanitise hands on entry.

  • Anyone exhibiting signs of illness will be asked to leave the studio, and lesson fees will not be reimbursed or lessons rescheduled for anyone who attends lessons while unwell. 

  • No food is to be eaten in the studio.

  • Parents, guardians and siblings watching the lesson must not behave in a disruptful manner, must be quiet and not interrupt or interfere with the teacher teaching lessons.

  • Students may not request the teacher to continue the lesson longer than the agreed lesson length.

  • Everybody deserves to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, without discrimination.

  • Students will learn with an open mind, let their teacher guide them and be teachable. 

  • Students will work, participate and try to their best ability, both during lessons and in their own practise. 

  • Students will respect changes in protocols, mask wearing, and in-person/online lessons due to changes in New Zealand's alert level system and government restrictions. All efforts will be made by We Are Loud to minimise the impact of these changes on students' learning.

We have teachers, students and parents at our studio who are immuno-compromised. For this reason, we ask that you absolutely do not come to lessons if you are sick or contagious, even if your symptoms may not feel serious to you. Please be stringent about sanitising, coughing into elbows, distancing, mask wearing if required and respect the boundaries of others. If you're unsure, just ask and we're happy to discuss this further, and answer any questions you have!



Lesson fees will be charged at the following rates, and are subject to change with reasonable notice given.

All lessons are charged via direct debit in weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals, which must be set up by the student prior to the first lesson - see 'payment' tab or visit to get setup.

Private 30 minute lesson - $38.50/session

Private 45 minute lesson - $57.50/session

Private 60 minute lesson - $76.50/session​

Group 45 minute lesson - $26/session

Adult Choir - $10 per session, charged per 10 weeks.​

Open Jam Sessions (one each month, Feb-Dec) - $20/session or $200/year

Concert Band Programme (termly) - $100/year

Concert Band & Jam Package - $275/year

*Please note lessons run throughout the year and continue through the school holidays. 

Lesson Materials

Students are required to purchase their own books if/when required by their teacher. All reasonable efforts are made by teachers to minimise this cost for families.

Students may bring devices to lessons in order to take videos and/or voice recordings to aid in their playing at home. 

Instrumental students are required to have an instrument at home to practise on. If this is a difficulty for you, please talk to us about the options and we will do what we can to help.

Cancellations & Makeup Lessons
One make-up lesson per 12 weeks (school term) will be offered for private lessons missed due to student illness, provided the teacher is given reasonable notice (more than 6 hours before lesson start time). Additional makeup lessons may also be issued at your teachers discretion and on an individual basis.

Makeup lessons will not be issued for any lessons cancelled within six hours of the lesson start time.

Makeup lessons may be issued for private lessons only, cancellations for group lessons will not gain makeup credits.​

Makeup lessons may be booked in with your teacher at a mutually agreed time.

All other cancellations and missed lessons will not be rescheduled and will incur the full fee.

Termination of Lessons

Both teacher and student (or parent/guardian) reserve the right to terminate lessons should they no longer be considered beneficial to the student. 

Two weeks notice must be given for termination of lessons, and payments will be ceased when fees covering all past lessons have been covered.


The student/parent/guardian is responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any instrument, accessory of music loaned by the studio or teacher to the student. Such items must be returned to your teacher on request.

In the interest of the student's well-being whilst in the teacher's care, the teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the student. 

If the student is under 18, the parent/guardian gives permission for the teacher to teach the student.

Students under 18 years may not leave the studio unaccompanied unless permission is given to the teacher by a parent/guardian.

Limitation of Liability

While the teacher will endeavor to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed, and the teacher cannot be held accountable for the academic success or otherwise of the student.

To the maximum extent of the law, the teacher accepts no liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage, foreseeable or otherwise, including any indirect, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from the use of the teachers services, or any errors or omissions in the content of the teachers learning materials. 

Finally, We Are Loud was set up with the goal of giving both teachers and students a safe space to work and learn in, where we can all feel valued and respected. We are not a profit driven enterprise and do what we can to keep lesson fees fair, whilst ensuring our teachers are paid fairly for their time and expertise. We believe strength is in honesty, integrity, diversity and openness, so please have a chat with us about any concerns or issues you may have at any time. We're here to support each-other and our communities! 

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