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All of our lessons are charged by direct debit, either monthly, fortnightly or weekly through the GoCardless platform. It's simple to use, secure and means we can focus on doing what we're good at - teaching music!!

To get setup for your lesson payments, please follow the link below:

We Are Loud Lesson Fees 2023

30 minute private lesson: $37.50

45 minute private lesson: $56.50

60 minute private lesson: $75.00

45 minute group lesson: $25.00

Payments by Direct Debit

All lesson payments should be made through the GoCardless system. Once you have set up an account in this system, we’ll invoice at your chosen frequency and payments will automatically be made via direct debit from your GoCardless account. You'll also receive an invoice for each payment via email, but you don't need to do anything, this is just for your reference. If you have not yet created a payment account, please follow this link:

Payments will be charged weekly, fortnightly or monthly at your preference (as listed on your 'new student sign-up' form). Please note weekly payments incur a 40c admin fee.

Concert Band Programme: $100/year

Monthly Jam Programme: $200/year

Concert Band & Jam Package: $275/year

Each term all students participating in our concert band programme will learn a specific song (from a list of afew options). The week before each concert, we’ll then have an extra session bringing together students of different instruments (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, piano) to form a band and put together the song they’ve all been learning in individual lessons. Each band will then perform as a group in the concert!

Monthly Jam sessions focus on performance and improvisation techniques, working with others in a band and working through performance nerves.


 *Please note, these extra fees cover the cost of the rehearsal time before each concert, and your teacher facilitating a band session. It doesn’t mean that students can’t also perform solo pieces in concerts! There is no fee for concert attendance or performance for any students who’d like to play solos. 

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